Leading medium and heavy-duty urban electric vehicle platform targeting significant total addressable market in the U.S. and Canada

  • More than 450 vehicles on the road today with more than 8 million miles driven
  • 7 purpose-built electric truck and school bus models available for purchase today coupled with near-term product launches
  • Manufacturing facility near Montreal, Quebec capable of producing ~2,500 vehicles per year

Winning commercial strategy: established relationships with top tier players and substantial pipeline

  • Multi-year purchase agreement for the purchase of up to 2,500 Lion6 and Lion8 trucks at customer’s discretion executed in June 2020
  • Visibility on potential vehicles sales, including from purchase orders in hand and a growing sales pipeline

10+ years of all-electric vehicle R&D and manufacturing experience provides in-house industry expertise

  • Battery and R&D division comprised of ~270 experienced engineers and technicians
  • All vehicles purpose-built for electric in-house, with our own chassis, body/cabin, proprietary battery system technology and 100% Lion software integration

Strategic initiatives for U.S. manufacturing, advanced battery systems and new customer solutions underway

  • Plans to develop a large-scale U.S. manufacturing facility
  • Plans to develop a battery assembly facility and innovation center
  • Well-positioned to further differentiate with maintenance, charging infrastructure, sustainable-trucking-as-a-service and V2G customer solutions

Favorable Total Cost of Ownership today; significant improvements expected over time

  • Lion believes that Lion’s truck TCO is favorable to comparable diesel vehicles today, with TCO advantage of electric trucks expected to further increase going forward